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Animal Dentistry

An oral examination is an essential part of the wellness exam in order to get complete and accurate diagnosis your animal's health. As with humans, the condition of teeth and gums affects other organs in the body including the heart and kidneys. In cats and dogs, periodontal disease is the most predominant of all diseases. So it is important to get a complete view of your pet's health. Here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital, we are equipped with specialized oral examination equipment for many types of animals of all sizes and breeds.
Dog Tooth Extractions — Dentistry Veterinarians in Vineland, NJ

During an Exam

In our examination rooms, we will observe the state of the gums, the color of the teeth, as well as the relationship between the opposing teeth. There are many things to take into consideration when examining an animal's teeth. Age, diet and other factors have an effect on your pet's health. After a teeth cleaning, we recommend applying OraVet®, which will help prevent plaque buildup. Sometimes during an oral exam we may find something suspicious requiring more tests to get an accurate diagnosis. It may require an x-ray for a clearer view of what is happening below the gum line. Let Blue Cross Animal Hospital's dental program lower the chances of developing gum infections and any long-term health problems for your pet.
Dental Services include:
  • X-Rays
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Routine Teeth Cleaning
  • Oral Tumor Removals
  • Deep Periodontal Cleaning for the Gums
If your pet's dental needs are urgent, or need to speak with our staff about a health concern, please call us at: